Dukes of Brabant and Landgraves of Hesse

Giselbert, Gf im Maasgau 841, Gf im Lommegau 866, *ca 830, +892; m.ca 846 Irmgard (*830, +after 849), a dau.of Emperor Lothar I NOTE: The Duchy of Lower Lorraine, after the death of the last Carolingian duke, was held by various local nobles. In 1100 Emperor Henry IV gave it to the Ct of Limburg; in 1106 Limburg transferred it to Godfrey of Louvain. Local nobles resented this and the duchy was fought over for most of the 12th century. The family finally abandoned the title of Lower Lorraine in favor of Brabant. The duchy contained Brussels, Antwerp and Louvain. Henry II of Brabant married Sophia, niece of Heinrich Raspe of Thuringia, a major landholder in Germany. Henry and Sophia's cousin Henry of Meissen fought over Thuringia. Meissen won Thuringia, but Sophia's descendants were given Hesse as a consolation.
Rulers of Hainault, Lorraine
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