Henri Bernadotte, *Pau 13.10.1711, +Pau 31.3.1780; m. Boeil-Bezing 20.2.1754 Jeanne de Saint Vincent (*Boeil-Bezing 1.4.1728, +Pau 8.1.1809); they had a son:

Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, Marshal of the French Imperial Army, was selected as Crown Pr of Sweden 21.8.1810, and was adopted by King Carl XIII; he succeeded as King CARL XIV JOHANN of Sweden and Norway (5.2.1818-8.3.1844), *Pau 26.1.1763, +Stockholm 8.3.1844; m.Sceaux 17.8.1798 Désirée Clary (*Marseilles 9.11.1777, +Stockholm 17.12.1860), dau.of Francois Clary by Francoise Somis

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